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No matter who you are, whether you are a seasoned property buyer with a 'rich' property portfolio or beginner investor, you deserve professional representation!

We provide a wide range of property services, including Buyers Advocacy, Professional Property Investment Advice and Real Estate Consulting. Whether you are interested in purchasing your next home to live in or acquire a property purely as an investment, we pride ourselves in that we present a truly tailored approach to your next property acquisition. We work exclusively for you and have your best interests at heart!

To become a successful property investor and not fall into the trap of 'guessing' where to invest in or what price to pay for your next property, we believe that you need to have a clear strategy and have an expert representing you from the searching phase right through to negotiation and settlement phase of your property acquisition cycle.

Success should be planned.

  • Would you be interested to learn how you can purchase an investment grade property that could deliver above average returns tailored to your circumstances and goals? 
  • Would you be interested to know that not all properties are purchased 'on market'? Find out how you can get the 'edge' by employing our services.
  • You can then make informed choices about how you want to achieve your goals.

There is more than 9 million properties in Australia, why limit yourself? Our professionals have access to thousands of investment grade and/or off market properties and property developments across all the States and Territories of Australia. We take the guessing out of acquiring property! We do the hard yards, so you don't have to!

Over the years we have helped many clients, private and corporate, making the right property decisions, why not become one of these clients today? We do the search, negotiation and acquisition of the right property all on your behalf, saving you time, stress and money! Find out why professionals like Mortgage Brokers, Financial Planners and Accountants refer us to their friends, colleagues and clients.

Our services are suitable to Owner Occupiers as well as Property Investors!

If you are considering investing in property to create future income and want to be successful the first time around, or looking for a home to live in and need to save time, stress and money, please  for an obligation free discussion with a qualified Property Investment Advisor today on 1300 24 21 12. Alternatively, register your interest or email info@mychoiceproperties.com.au

We promise a same day response if at all possible or at least within 24 hours of your enquiry.


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